This little Girl, JosieAnn, first in the series, is beyond precious. She, as you can see has gone through some horrid times in her life.
She opened up to me today, and I could feel her let go her fear, after having her for a about a week, she literally fell back in my arms, and let
out a trembling sigh. As I lifted her back up towards me, in my arms, she laid up against my chest, and stopped her shaking that she has had to endure for years. Watch for more of her, and her progress, as she is letting her feathers come back. This also, to me is a gift to simply be a part of. Michael Cox The Bird Whisperer







Severe Macaw, abused and neglected now has a home with thebirdwhisperer.org-Michael Cox. She is such a love.

A warm Thank you, to Sting, for allowing me to use his music in this mini-movie to show people the magic of birds.  

Jasper the Paper Girl!




Yes birds grieve! Another reason I do what I do.

Rodney showing trust! 


This guy does not scream, he is much more refined..........:-) beyond precious and fills the house with joy.

A special thanks to Jacques Perrin and Sony Pictures for the use of  this footage as well, to show people the beauty of birds. (Winged Migration) A film you should own.







This is JosieAnn, second in  the series, a Harlequin Macaw, that has for many years,

under gone extreme stress and confusion. She was beyond  hurt folks.

 She is now growing

her feathers back, and continues to send me pictures from her spirit to mine,

 and is giving me the gift of play.

I will never understand how someone could be so ugly inside,

 to such a wonderful spirit as this precious being.

I am so thankful I have her.


This is Rodney, abandoned with two infected

 toes, that are now healed, but his nails are

gone from them for good. He was beyond

angry and had pretty much given up on

people. He is one of my special turn-around

spirits, for he now trusts and knows what love

 and safety truly is. Folks, there is nothing like it.

Baby bird falls from nest, taken home raised and brought

back and released.


  This is Rodney, another in the series I am sharing with you.

  He lost his human and began self mutilation to the point

where he was bleeding and had given up hope do to stress

and feeling alone. With heart, we have brought him back to

being on the way of feeling whole again. We do this with Love.



"She figures out how to escape the disgusting trapper that

came into her forest to steal her away!"
A special thanks to Jacques Perrin and Sony Pictures

for the use of  this footage as well, to show people the beauty

 of birds. (Winged Migration) A film you should own.



View  efforts to repair the Beak of this Bald Eagle Named Beauty

That someone shot!





Bird Care Guide - How to Clip Wings


Copyright 2015

Michael P. Cox




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